Here is information on a few of the walks around the west coast. We also offer packed lunch which consists of 2 sandwiches, fruit, muesli bar, fruit box, water, small chocolate bar and a biscuit. After your hard day walking be sure to come back and enjoy some great dining at the Lakeside Bar & Grill.

We also have a fantastic walk that wraps around the edge of the lake here at the Tullah Lakeside Lodge. It starts at the jetty and is an extremely easy walk over a well built path. There are many spots to pull in and get some great photo’s or do some fishing. Probably the best part about the walk is that there are many points to leave the walk instead of having to complete a “from point A – B walk”.

Further more there is a walk up Mt Farrell which starts in Tullah. Its about 1.5 hours up & boasts one of the best views in the state. Lake Herbert can also be enjoyed towards the end of the walk followed by 360 degree views of the Hydro Lakes & Mt Murchison.

Stitt River to Rosebery

Spray Tunnel Loop, Zeehan

Orr Street, Queenstown


Mount Owen, near Gormanston

Montezuma Falls near rosebery

Hogarth Falls, Strahan

Henty Dunes


Driffield Street, Queenstown